Frequently Asked Questions Related to Painonil Product(s)

What is PainONil ?
PainONil is a natural pain balm that is scientifically and clinically proven to aid in rapid pain relief. PainONil has undergone more than 40 years of research, meticulous crafting and formulation of finest bio-active ingredients, to achieve sustained and complete pain relief.
How do I use PainONil ?
PainONil is a topical balm that is applied directly on affected areas, such as the knee, ankles, back, etc. A gentle massage is needed after applying. A gentle low-heat press in the affected area will activate bioactive molecules that address pain. See drug facts and consult your physician for further details.
How does PainONil work?
Painonil is a unique triple action formula that addresses all three conditions simultaneously: immediate pain relief, Anti-Inflammation for long-term pain management and reducing the swelling that is caused due to inflammation.
How long will Painonil Take to effect?
Time for pain relief depends on a lot of factors such as age, length of suffering, the intensity of Arthritis, ability to exercise and other physical conditions. Note that TotalArthritis is aimed at not just providing temporary pain relief but addresses chronic conditions.
Who developed Painonil?
PainONil is a unique triple action formula that addresses all three conditions simultaneously: immediate pain relief, anti-Inflammation for long-term pain management, and reduction in swelling that are caused due to inflammation.
How long will PainONil take to effect?
Time for pain relief depends on a lot of factors such as pain location, the intensity of pain, injury type, age, chronic condition, etc.
Who developed PainONil?
PainONil is developed by board certified physicians, collaborating with scientists who worked for over 40 years perfecting the formula.
Is PainONil FDA Complaint?
PainONil formula is compliant with FDA regulations as provided by “Over-the-counter” OTC drugs and monographs. It is made at FDA registered OTC monograph drug manufacturing facility.
Any known side effects, drug interaction or allergy issues?
There are no known side effects of PainONil. In case of skin rash or any other adverse effect, discontinue the use of this product and contact your physician immediately. Consult drug facts provided for further details and warnings.
What ingredients are in PainONil?
PainONil is made up of naturally occurring biological ingredients that are proven to have a positive effect on pain. Refer to drug facts for details of ingredients.
What is Triple Action of PainONil?
PainONil is the unique proven triple action arthritis formula that handles all three key aspects associated with Arthritis:
    1. Pain
      2. Inflammation
        3. Swelling
Can I use PainONil with other medications and therapies?
Yes. PainONil can be used along with your current medications and therapies as recommended by your doctor. PainONil has no know contra-indications with any other drugs.
Is it safe to use PainONil long term?
It is safe to use PainONil for the long term. For continuous use of more than 6 months, consult a doctor for further evaluation and continual usage. Refer to drug facts for other instructions and warnings.
Is PainONil guaranteed?
PainONil is scientifically and clinically proven to work. The efficacy and durability of impact are based on one's age, the intensity of pain, duration of pain, and other individual health conditions.
How much does PainONil cost?
PainONil recommended retail price for a 25g jar is $14.99. Based on the retailer and geographic location, this price may vary. Look out for any specials and discounts that are being offered.
Is PainONil available in stores?
Currently, PainONil is available direct-to-consumer from this website and other retailers online. It is available online in Walmart, Amazon, Walgreens, CVS. This list keeps growing. Check out this FAQ for updated list and stores in future.
Can I upgrade my shipping if I order online?
Yes. Shipping can be upgraded based on the courier’s offering. This can be done during the shopping cart ordering page.
I don't live in the United States. Can I still get PainONil?
PainONil is scheduled to be sold in the US market only. We are working with other countries regulatory agencies for local approvals and availability.
How do I use this product?
Refer to drug facts for a detailed listing of directions and how to use this product.
Is this tested on animals?
Yes. PainONil has been clinically tested on animals and humans.
Is this made in the USA?
Yes. PainONil is proudly made in the USA.
Do I need a prescription to get PainONil?
PainONil is available as an “Over-The-Counter” medication. A physician prescription is not required.
Are your products vegan?
Yes. PainONil does not contain any animal related ingredients.
I want to give feedback on this product.
General feedback can be provided on www.PainONil.com. Look for the link “Feedback” at the bottom of the page.
Can I use PainONil on open wounds, stitches, burns or insect bites?
PainONil is not designed to use on open wounds, burns or insect bites.
Can I use PainONil on flu-like symptoms?
PainONil cannot be used for flu or flu-like symptoms.
How long can I leave PainONil on?
PainONil can be massaged until ointment is dried. Either it can be wiped out or washed after an hour.
What if I accidentally ingest PainONil or it comes in contact with eyes or damaged skin?
Wash the impacted area with water and consult a doctor immediately.
Is this product recommended for children?
PainONil is recommended for people over 5 years of age.