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Scientifically developed & clinically proven

PainONil™ is a clinically proven non-steroidal topical cream formulated to ease pain, swelling and inflammation caused due to sports injuries, back & neck injuries, tennis elbow, sprains and falls.

Trust your partner in pain
You just keep moving

All natural pain balm


Goodness of Nature, Proven by Science

We believe in balance between nature and humans. Remedies for many health conditions have been found in naturally occurring plant material. Our Journey is to unlock & understand nature's secrets in bringing pain relief remedies naturally without pills.

PainONil™ has undergone more than 40 years of research, meticulous crafting and formulation of finest bio-active ingredients, to achieve sustained and complete pain relief.


July 25, 2022
Benefits of Applying Topical Pain Reliever Ointment

Benefits of Applying Topical Pain Reliever Ointment

Benefits of Applying Topical Pain Reliever Ointment There is an increase in trend of people looking for topical and natural pain reliever ointments as a substitute […]
June 10, 2022
Natural pain balm for severe pain

Plant based topical pain medicines. Do they really work for severe pain conditions?

Pain is typically associated with inflammation of cells and swelling. Pathways for pain reduction is to first rapidly reduce pain by blocking pain signals to the […]
May 10, 2022
pain in winter

Pain in Winter – Does pain become worse in winters ?

Pain in Winter? Pain occurred due to falls or due to other chronic conditions (such as arthritis) have a different perception. Fundamentally, pain is a perception […]

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